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 Rowan Franken

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PostSubject: Rowan Franken   Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:46 pm

Name: Rowan Franken

Age: 17

Gender: male

Sexuality: straight

Appearance: boy in avatar

Personality: he is very outgoing and friendly. However, when someone brings up his death, he becomes very cold and distant. He is very discontent with his new life as a ghost, but he is chained to the public library so he has plenty to do during the day while his closest friend, Miia, is at school.

Job: ex-student, currently a ghost

Bio: he was a great student, with a happy family of a mother, father, his older brother Sean, and him. However, he went to his brothers dorm room one day to pick something up and was found dead a week later. His brother, Sean, had been out of town at the time, visiting some friends when his brother had disappeared, so he was cleared of any charges. His roommate was questioned, but had also been out of town so no one knows who really killed Rowan. He doesn't remember the killing himself which angers him a lot, but he has found two friends to keep him company; an old librarian and her assistant, Miia.
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Rowan Franken
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