White Crow: A peaceful town with strange things abound...
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 Basic Plot Line so Far

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PostSubject: Basic Plot Line so Far   Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:52 pm

White Crow has always been a quiet, sleepy town where nothing unusual ever happened. However, there have been many reports of strange occurances lately involving ghosts, demons, and the like. The local government is looking into the incidents and is hoping to find some shred of evidence that would lead to the source of the accidents. Many believe it to be the work of the Ghost of White Crow, a myth that had been circulating throughout the town for decades.

The Ghost of White Crow is said to be a young girl, Lucy Carolina, who was murdered at the Crow River nearby on the eve of her twentieth birthday. Some say, she wanders the streets at night, water dripping from her clothes, mixing with her blood. She holds a rope in one hand, the very one that was used to strangle her, and a crushed locket in the other.
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Basic Plot Line so Far
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