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White Crow: A peaceful town with strange things abound...
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 Shin Sangokumusou (finished)

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Shin Sangokumusō

Shin Sangokumusō

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Shin Sangokumusou (finished) Empty
PostSubject: Shin Sangokumusou (finished)   Shin Sangokumusou (finished) EmptySat Jul 18, 2009 10:44 pm

Name: Shin Sangokumusō

Age: 19

Gender: male

Sexuality: Bi

Appearance: Shin Sangokumusou (finished) Kagrra-nao-shu1

Personality: Ruki is a confident person. He is friendly and known to be a little bit of a flirt. He rarely gets sad, and is always smiling and having a good time.

Job: Singer/Model

Bio: Ruki was raised in the small town of White Crow. As he grew up, his parents always encouraged him to sing. He was known all throughout the time as a child who would one day be a star. However, after he became a big shot he decided that he would stay in White Crow. When this weird uprising in the city began, he decided to investigate, but soon forgot all about it after finding a beautiful young lady. Until he was attacked by a ghost in the deep woods. He wondered why the hell this town had become infested with ghost, but then he decided he'd need some help. He ha set up his own team of ghost hunters, all aiming to solve this one, big mystery.

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Shin Sangokumusou (finished) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shin Sangokumusou (finished)   Shin Sangokumusou (finished) EmptySat Jul 18, 2009 10:51 pm

Approved XD!
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Shin Sangokumusou (finished)
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